Cocopull Oil Pulling

My issue has always been how easily my teeth hold stain, after coffee and especially dark berries. I used this product every day for two weeks and am now on a 3-4 day/week regimen. Oil pulling is easier than I thought it would be; it also seems to enhance the effects of brushing as my toothpaste tastes mintier! Had a dental checkup today; my hygienist asked what I was doing differently as there was minimal staining that easily removed and she commented that my teeth looked brighter. This truly is a great product. — J.G.

A Habit for Life

I love these packets! Not only are they great for everyday use, but after angsting over how to keep up oil pulling when I travel, I’ve found that these are the perfect solution. For everything from staying as a guest at a friend’s home to camping, I can bring these and easily keep up my oil pulling without worrying about buying or transporting oil. Also the peppermint flavor is amazing! — A.A.

Cocopull is a Great Natural Product

I have had problems with my gall bladder for years. I do not want surgery so I handle it with natural solutions. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of a bad functioning gall bladder is yellow teeth and not so fresh breath – despite brushing, cleanings, and every other method I could think of. The very first time I used Cocopull I noticed a difference in my teeth – not white – but a slight change. There was a huge difference in how my mouth felt though – really really clean- cannot compare that feeling to anything else I’ve used. It lasted all day. I have used for a week now and continue to see improvements.
Also, I never realized that my yellow teeth were caused by bacteria (gross)! I just figured that as long as my gall bladder did not function correctly that my tooth color would just not improve. So glad that is not true and that I found Cocopull. I am very very happy with the results. I no longer worry about bad breath and I feel so much happier. I am no longer embarrassed to smile. I will be using this forever! — N.

Love Cocopull

This is hands down the easiest teeth whitening product I have ever tried! My teeth feel stronger, healthier and it really whitens them. It’s amazing and compare it to a product like Crest whitening strips–this is SO much easier and you get instantaneous results, plus it tastes awesome (minty-coconut!).
You order a box of 14 or 28 and use it daily (best time is in the morning before drinking or eating anything) you swish it around your mouth for 5 min, gradually building up to 15-20 (I usually read a really good book and forget it’s even there..) then you spit it out and check out your pearly whites! I recommend this product for everyone, so worth it. Seriously, go buy it now! — E.G.

Naturally White Teeth in a Flash