Directions Oil Pulling

Directions Oil Pulling

Place the bottle for 5 min in hot water and the oil will get liquid. You just need 1 tbsp so no need to have the entire content liquid. Don’t place bottle in micro wave or oven!

Important: Don’t gargle or swallow the oil

Solid Coconut Oil – What to Do?

Cocopull oil pulling packets USDA organic
  • It is normal that unrefined, raw coconut oil becomes solid below 76 degrees F.
  • Should the bottle or the packet be solid just place it in some hot water and it will be liquid within a minute.
  • Keeping the packets/bottle at a warm place will keep the oil liquid.
  • Just warm enough oil that is enough for 1 tbsp when using the bottle.

Shipping & transportation during the winter months will cause the oil to become solid.

We cannot do anything about it as it is the nature of the unprocessed coconut oil.